Here below you can find the presentations given at the 6th IAASS Conference:


Session 1  Space debris and space debris removal - Part I

Estimation of Lifetime for Launchers Debris in Geostationary Transfer Orbits
Handschuh, DA 1; Bonnal, C 1; Palun, A 1; Morand, V 2 1CNES-DLA, (FRANCE); 2CNES-CST, (FRANCE)

Spacecraft Vulnerability to space Debris is not an Option
Bensoussan, Denis Hiscox, (FRANCE)


Session 2 Regulations and standards for safety – Part I

"Search and Rescue in Space Activities: Is There a Specific Legal Regime?"
George D. Kyriakopoulos, GK National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, (GREECE)

How Far is China from an International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities
Su, Jinyuan Xi'an Jiaotong University, (CHINA)

French Regulations applied to future European Launchers
Cahuzac, Francois ; Biard, Arnaud CNES, (FRANCE)


Session 3 Safety Critical Software Design and IVV

Tailoring Human Safety Critical Expertise for Mission Safety Critical Software Development
Boudillet, O ; Peron, T ASTRIUM Space Transportation, (FRANCE)

PRO-Elicere: A Study for create a new Process for Dependability Analysis of Space Computer Systems
da Silva, Glauco 1; Netto Lahoz, Carlos Henrique 2 1Aeronautics and Space Institute (IAE), (BRAZIL); 2Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE), (BRAZIL)

Analysis of Software Development Methodologies to build Safety Software Applications for SATEX-II
Aguilar, J. 1; Vargas, H. 1; Pedroza , A 1; Chavira , E. 1; Alonso , M 2; Vera, D. 1 1UPAEP, (MEXICO); 2CICESE, (MEXICO)


Session 4 Space traffic control I

Applicatian of Use Case Scenarios to analyse Needs on the Future European SSA Governance and Data Policy
Valero, J.L ; Albani, S. ; Gallardo, B. ; Matute, J. ; O'Dwyer, A. European Union Satellite Centre, (SPAIN)

CAESAR : An Initiative of Public Service for Collision Risks Mitigation
Beaumet, G. ; Moury, M. ; Laporte, F. CNES, (FRANCE)


Session 5 – Launch Safety - Part I

Value of Responsive Launch Safety Toolsets
Pfitzer, T. Wayne Devoid, (UNITED STATES)

 * Closing the Collision Risk Gap between current Launch Collision Avoidance Protection and the standard ISS Collision Risk
Eric Schultz, D. NASA, (UNITED STATES)


Session 6 System & Payload Safety - Part I
Designing Safety into Spacecraft Components

Commonalities and Differences in Functional Safety Systems between ISS Payloads and Industrial Applications
Malyshev, M 1; Kreimer, J 2 1HE Space Operations B.V., (NETHERLANDS); 2Astrium Space Transportation, (GERMANY)

Unexpected Anomaly of GHF On-Board
Kobayashi, RK JAXA, (JAPAN)


Session 7 Organisational culture and safety

Biological plenatary protection for safe solar system exploration missions, conducted either by robots or humans or both
Rummel, J.D. 1; Conley, C.A. 2 1Inst. for Coastal Science and Policy, (UNITED STATES); 2Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, (UNITED STATES)

* Space Shuttle Columbia and Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Differences and Similarities in Organizational Accidents and LL
Mitsui, Masami 1; Takeuchi, N 2; Kawada, Y 2; Kobayashi, R 2; Miki, M 2; Nogami, M 3 1Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, (JAPAN); 2JAXA, (JAPAN); 3Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation, (JAPAN) 

Lessons Learned for Space Safety from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Miki, MM ; Mitsui, MM ; Kawada, YK JAXA, (JAPAN)

SAFETY Parameter Management in ASTRIUM
Meredith, Laurence 1; Magnin, Cedric 2 1 ASTRIUM satellite, (FRANCE); 2ASTRIUM space transportation, (FRANCE)


Session 8 Space debris and space debris removal – Part

*Guidance,Navigation,and Control Techniques and Technologies for active Satellite Removal
Ortega, G ; Erb, S ; Visentin, G ; Innocenti, L ; Cropp, A ; Vorin, T ; Raposo, A ESA, (NETHERLANDS)

Spacecraft Robustness to Orbital Debris : Guidelines & Recommendations
Heinrich, Stephane 1; Tromba, Andrea 2; Berger, Jean-Marc 2; Tholot, Michel 2; Nold, Olivier 2 1ALTRAN, (PORTUGAL); 2ALTRAN, (FRANCE)

* Feasibility Study of Electrodynamic Tether Technology Demonstration on H-II Transfer Vehic
Kasai, T. K ; Tsujita, D. T ; Uchiyama, T. U ; Harada, M. H ; Kawamoto, S. K ; Okawa, Y. O ; Inoue, K. I Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), (JAPAN)

Modeling of Crack Propagation in Spacecraft Reinforced Pressure Wall Damaged by Orbital Debris
Cook, F. ; Telichev, I. University of Manitoba, (CANADA)


Session 9 Operations safety
Verification Models for Human Automation Interaction for Safety Critical Applications
Bolton, M.L. 1; Jimenez, N. 2; van Paassen, M.M. 3; Trujillo, M. 4 1University of Illinois, (UNITED STATES); 2IXION Industry and Aerospace, (SPAIN); 3Aerospace Engineering, (NETHERLANDS); 4European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS)

* Requirements,Resource Planning and Management for Decrewing/Recrewing Scenarios of the International Space Station (WX)
Bach, D 1; Hasbrook, P 2; Brand, S 2 1Barrios Technology / NASA, (UNITED STATES); 2NASA, (UNITED STATES)


Session 10 Launch safety - Part II
Uncertainty in Risk to Aircraft from Space Vehicle Operations
Larson, E ; See, A ACTA Inc, (UNITED STATES)

Probability of Failure Analysis Guidelines for Expendable Launch Vehicles
Wilde, P 1; Cather, C 2; Cross, R 3; Rosati, P 2; Morse, E 4 1Federal Aviation Administration, (UNITED STATES); 2US Air Force, (UNITED STATES); 3National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (UNITED STATES); 4Valador Inc, (UNITED STATES)


Session 11 Commercial human spaceflight safety - Part II
* Safety Risk Management for the Emerging Commercial Suborbital Space Industry
Verstraeten, J.G. ; Roelen, A.L.C. National Aerospace Laboratory NLR, (NETHERLANDS)

Commercial Human Spaceflight: Self-regulation Is The Future

* Safe Software for Space Applications: Building on the DO-178 Experience
Dorsey, C.A. (GERMANY)

Zero Gravity Flights as the most Effective Embryonic Operation for planned commercial Spaceport
Norul, NRZ 1; Nasri, NN 1; Muszaphar, SMS 1; Shamsul, SKAS 2; Roshdi, MRH 3; Anuar, AA 4; Sayuti, MSI 5 1Spaceport Malaysia, (MALAYSIA); 2Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology, (MALAYSIA); 3University Putra Malaysia, (MALAYSIA); 4A&A-UITM Laboratory, (MALAYSIA); 5University Science Malaysia, (MALAYSIA)  


Session 12 Launch safety - Part III
Proposal of New Triggered Lightning Launch Commit Criteria for Japan's Safety Rocket Launch
Saito, Y. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), (JAPAN)

Space Regulations applied to Soyuz and VEGA Launch Systems
Cahuzac, Francois ; Denoyers, Jean-Yves CNES, (FRANCE)

Arianespace Launch Service Operator Policy for Space Safety
Jourdainne, Laurent ARIANESPACE, (FRANCE)


Session 13 Re-entry safety – Part I

ESA SSA Programme: The Re-entry Prediction System (RPS) of the Space Surveillance and Tracking Branch
Weikert, S 1; Bunte, K D 2; Kossev, I 1; Miller, A 2; Hake, P 2; Huertas, I 3; Fletcher, E 4; Escobar Anton, D. 5 1Astos Solutions GmbH, (GERMANY); 2etamax space GmbH, (GERMANY); 3European space Agency, (NETHERLANDS); 4European Space Agency, (SPAIN); 5GMV, (SPAIN)

*  A Space Debris Alert System for Aviation
Sgobba, T. ; Trujillo, Maite European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS)

Reentry Predictions for uncontrolled Satellites: Results and Challenges
Pardini, Carmen ; Anselmo, Luciano ISTI/CNR, (ITALY)


Session 15 Regulations and standards for safety – Part II
Development of Domestic Laws and Regulations for Range Safety, Flight Safety and Investigation of Accidents in the ERA of Commercial Passenger Spaceflight
Lee, Ricky J Special Counsel, Schweizer Kobras

Space Policy vs. Commercial Space Initiatives: Seeking a Better Future in Space Safety
Pelton, J.N. International Space Safety Foundation, (UNITED STATES)

*Hybrids in need of safety Standards: Is it Time for a Space Traffic Control Authority?
Vasilogeorgi, I. M. McGill Institute of Air & Space Law, (CANADA)


Session 16 Space debris and space debris removal – Part III

Orbit Propagation and Statistical Methods to address the Compliance of GTO with the French Space Operations Act
Le Fevre, Clemence ; Morand, Vincent ; Fraysse, Hubert ; Handschuh, David-Alexis CNES, (FRANCE)

Propagation of Surface-To-LEO Vortex Rings for Orbital Debris Management
Matthew Noyes, MN 1; P. Mitra, PM 2 1University of Rochester/Space Generation Advisory Council/Space Safety and Sustainability Project Gr, (UNITED STATES); 2BIT Mesra/Space Generation Advisory Council/Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group, (INDIA)

* The e.Deorbit CDF study: a design study for the safe removal of a large space debris
Biesbroek , R. 1; Innocenti, L. 2; Soares, T. 2; Huesing, J. 2 1ESA-ESTEC, (NETHERLANDS)


Session 17 Nuclear safety for space systems

LBLOCA Analysis of a Space Thermionic Reactor: TOPAZ-II
Hu, G ; Zhao, S.Z ; Ruan, K.Q China Institute of Atomic Energy, (CHINA) 


Session 18 – Safety-By-Design

Evolution of International Space Station Program Safety Review Processes and Tools
Ratterman, C. 1; Sharpe, M. 1; Sang, A. 2; Green, C. 1; Tollinger, I. 1; McCracken, K. 3; Guibert, M. 3 1NASA ARC, (UNITED STATES); 2NASA JSC, (UNITED STATES); 3San Jose State University, (UNITED STATES)

* Results of the IAASS Re-entry Analysis Test Campaign 2012
Lips, T. 1; Omaly, P. 2; Ventura, S. 3; Huertas, I. 3 1HTG GmbH, (GERMANY); 2CNES, (FRANCE); 3ESA, (NETHERLANDS)

* GMES SENTINEL-3: "A Safer Satellite for a Safer Space, a Safer World"
Heinrich, Stephane 1; Derenne, Philippe 2; Palmade, Jean-luc 2; Paoli, Francois 2; Baillon, Yvan 2; Berruti, Bruno 3 1ALTRAN, (PORTUGAL); 2THALES ALENIA Space, (FRANCE); 3ESA-ESTEC, (FRANCE)  


Session 19 Regulations and standards for safety – Part III
Legality of Non-Cooperative Satellite Removal
Li, SQ China University of Political Science and Law, (CHINA)

Regulation of Small and Micro Satellites
Jakhu, Ram McGill Institute of Air and Space Law, (CANADA) 


Session 20 Risk assessment 

* Applying Lessons Learned from Space Safety to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Risk Assessments
Pfitzer, T. Wayne Devoid, (UNITED STATES)

Real Time Fire Reconnaissance Satellite Monitoring System Failure Model
Niño Prieto, Omar Ariosto ; Colmenares Guillén, Luis Enrique BUAP, (MEXICO)

Probability Risk Assessment Methodology usage on Space Robotics
D'silva, O MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc., (CANADA)

FMECA an Underutilized Safety, Reliability and System Engineering Tool
Mullin, D Canadian Space Agency, (CANADA) 


Session 21 Panel Space Debris Risk for Aviation

IAASS Aircraft Risk Tool - Presentation IAASS Montreal_Wilde
Murray 20130522-IAASS-reentry-slides - final
panel v2
Requirements for Warning Aircraft of Reentering Debris 2013
Aviation Risk Panel - European perspective - IAASS-6, Montreal, May 2013 v1


Session 22 Designing Safety into Space Vehicles 

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Assistant Tool Feasibility Study
Flores, M. ; Malin, J. NASA Johnson Space Center, (UNITED STATES)

Designing Safety into Space Vehicles during early Concept Formation and Architectural Design
Ujiie, R.U. 1; Umeda, H.U. 1; Miyamoto, Y.M. 1; Katahira, M.K. 1; Hoshino, N.H. 2; Leveson, N.L. 3 1Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, (JAPAN); 2Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation, (JAPAN)

Session 23 Commercial human spaceflight safety - Part II 

Establishing a regularatory Framework for the Development & Operations of Sub-Orbital & Orbital Aircraft (SOA) in the EU
Marciacq, J.-B. ; Tomasello, F. ; Erdelyi, Zs. ; Gerhard, M. EASA, (GERMANY)

The Design and Operation of Suborbital low Cost and low Risk Vehicle to the Edge of Space (solves)
Norul, NRZ 1; Rashidy, RZ 2; Izmir, IY 3; Jamaluddin, JO 4; Rafidi, NRZ 5 1Spaceport Malaysia, (MALAYSIA); 2Royal Malaysian Air Force, (MALAYSIA); 3Independence X Aerospace, (MALAYSIA); 4University Technology MARA, (MALAYSIA); 5Cube Creative Malaysia, (MALAYSIA)


Session 24 Panel Space Safety Education 


Session 26 Space debris and space debris removal - Part IV

Active Space Debris Removal using Modified Launch Vehicle Upper Stages Equipped with Electrodynamic Tethers
Nasseri, S. A. 1; Emanuelli, M. 2; Raval, S. 3; Turcuni, A. 2; Nwosa, C. J. 4 1Space Generation Advisory Council, (CANADA); 2Space Generation Advisory Council, (ITALY); 3Space Generation Advisory Council, (INDIA); 4Space Generation Advisory Council, (NIGERIA)

Helios1A EoL: a Success. For the first Time a long final Thrust Scenario, respecting the French Law on Space Operation
Guerry, Agnès ; Moussi, Aurélie ; Sartini, Christian ; Beaumet, Grégory CNES, (FRANCE)

Re-entry Analysis Comparison with different Solar Activity Models of spent U/S using ESA DRAMA and TLE Predictions
David, E 1; Braun, V 2 1DLR, (GERMANY); 2Institute of Aerospace Systems, TU Braunschweig, (GERMANY) 


Session 27 Commercial human spaceflight safety - Part III

* IAASS Suborbital Safety Technical Committee - Summary of Proposed Standards & Guidelines
Quinn, A 1; Klicker, M 2; Atencia Yépez, A 3; Howard, D 4; Verstraeten, Joram 5 1IAASS Suborbital Safety TC, (UNITED KINGDOM); 2techos GmbH, (GERMANY); 3GMV, (SPAIN); 4McGill University, (CANADA); 5NLR-ATSI, (NETHERLANDS)

Status of the new IAASS Software Safety Standard for Commercial Suborbital Vehicles
Klicker, Michael 1; Atencia Yepez, Amaya 2 1techcos GmbH, (GERMANY); 2GMV, (SPAIN)

* Human, Machine,Nature and Safety Factors in the Design and Architecture of Spaceflight Terminal at Spaceport Malaysia
Mohd Ariffin, A.R. 1; Azizee, AA 2; Asmadi, AJ 3; Norul, NRZ 2 1University Malaya, (MALAYSIA); 2Spaceport Malaysia, (MALAYSIA); 3Sunway University, (MALAYSIA)


Session 28 Re-entry safety – Part II 

* Comparison of Reentry Breakup Measurements for Three Atmospheric Reentries
Feistel, A. ; Weaver, M. ; Ailor, W. The Aerospace Corporation, (UNITED STATES)

DEBRISK, CNES Tool for re-entry Survivability Prediction: Validation and Sensitivity Analysis
Omaly, P 1; Magnin Vella , C 1; Galera, S 2 1CNES, (FRANCE); 2ALTRAN, (FRANCE)

* OPERA - a CNES Tool to Monitor Short and Middle Term Uncontrolled Re-entries Using Mean Theories
Dolado Perez , Juan Carlos 1; Aivar-Garcia, Laura 2; Agueda-Mate, Alberto 2; Tirado-Velez, Jesus 2 1CNES, (FRANCE); 2GMV, (SPAIN) 

Session 29


Session 30 System & Payload Safety - Part II
* Safety Assessment for Secondary Payloads launched by Japanese Expendable Launch Vehicle
Miki, M 1; Kobayashi, R 1; Nogami, M 2; Kawada, Y 1; Takeuchi, N 1 1JAXA, (JAPAN); 2JAMSS, (JAPAN)

Hazard Control & Crew Interaction
Hellinckx, H. M. ; Rosiers, P. V. M. QinetiQ Space nv, (BELGIUM)

Payload Safety: Risk and Characteristic-based Control of Engineered Nanomaterials
Abou, S 1; Maarouf Saad, M 2 1University of Minnesota Duluth, (UNITED STATES); 2ETS, (CANADA)


Session 31 Space materials safety

The role of ESA TEC-QTE in the ISS Safety process
Orlandi, Marika ; Rohr, T. ; Stienstra, M. ; Semprimoschnig, C. European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS)

Comparison and Characterization of NiTi and NiTiCu Shape Memory Alloys
S. Dilibal, SD 1; H. Adanir, HA 2 1Dogus University/Istanbul, (TURKEY); 2Marmara University/Engineering Faculty/Istanbul, (TURKEY)


Session 32 Re-entry safety - Part III

Risk Assessment during the Final Phase of an uncontrolled Re-Entry
Gaudel, A ; Hourtolle, C ; Goester, JF ; Fuentes, N CNES, (FRANCE)

An Early Study of Disposal Options for the Hubble Space Telescope
Hull, Scott M. ; Griffin, Thomas J. ; Bretthauer, Joy W. ; Leete, Stephen J. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, (UNITED STATES)

Study of Spacecraft Elements Surviving an Atmospheric Re-Entry
Durin, Ch D 1; Desmarres, JM.D 1; Gautier, E. G 2; Jacquesson, M.J 1; Arnal, MH. A 1 1CNES, (FRANCE); 2Ecole des MINES, (FRANCE)


Session 33 Safety Design

* Spaceflight vs. Human Spaceflight
Barr, S The Aerospace Corporation, (UNITED STATES)

The Devil within - A Tale about Computers, Experts and Confusion
Bittner, Florian ; Hanigk, Stefan Astrium Space Transportation, (GERMANY)

* Active Magnetic Shielding for Long Duration Manned Space Missions
Burger, W. J. 1; Battiston, R. 2; Calvelli, V. 3; Musenich, R. 3; Datskov, V. I: 4; Della Torre, A. 5; Venditti, F. 5; Hovland, S. 6; Meinke, R. 7; Van Sciver, S. 8; Westover, S. C. 9; Washburn, S, A. 10 1Universita Degli Studi di Perugia, (ITALY); 2Universita di Trento and INFN Trento, (ITALY); 3INFN Genoa, (ITALY); 4CERN, (SWITZERLAND); 5CGS, (ITALY); 6ESTEC, (NETHERLANDS); 7AML, (UNITED STATES); 8Florida State University, (UNITED STATES); 9NASA-JSC, (UNITED STATES); 10University of Colorado, (UNITED STATES)


Session 34 Space traffic control - Part II

NEOPROP: a NEO Propagator for Space Situational Awareness
Zuccarelli, V 1; Weikert, S 1; Valles, C Y 2; Bancelin, D 3; Thiullot, W 3; Hestroffer, D 3 1Astos Solutions, (GERMANY); 2ESA, (NETHERLANDS); 3IMCCE, (FRANCE)

* Space Situational Awareness: It's Not Just About the Algorithms
Schonberg, W 1; Sridharan, R 2; Guo, Y 3; Maclay, T 4 1Missouri University of Science & Technology, (UNITED STATES); 2MIT/Lincoln Laboratory, (UNITED STATES); 3JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory, (UNITED STATES); 4Celestial Insight, Inc, (UNITED STATES)

CNES Strategic Plan for Space Traffic Control


Session 36 Environmental impacts of space operations – Part II
* Safety and Environment - Masterplan 2020 of DLR's Rocket Test Center Lampoldshausen
Dommers, Michael ; Haberzettl, Andreas DLR, (GERMANY)

* Sea Areas Protected for Environment:A Constraint taking into Account in the French Space Operations Act
Louvel, S. 1; Talbot, C. 2; Bruniquel, J. 2 1CNES, (FRANCE); 2ACRI-ST, (FRANCE)

Environmental Studies at the Guiana Space Centre
Richard , Sandrine CNES/CSG, (FRENCH GUIANA)


Session 37 Re-entry safety – Part III

Brake up Models and Simulations of an Asteroid Hit to Earth
Ortega, G ; Trujillo, M ; Fletcher, E ; Ghidini, T ESA, (NETHERLANDS)

POPSCAN : a CNES Geo-Information Study for re-entry Risk Assessment
Fuentes, N. 1; Tholey, N. 2; Battiston, S. 2; Montabord, M. 2; Studer, M. 2 1CNES, (FRANCE); 2SERTIT, (FRANCE)

Risk Analysis on Human Health and Environment induced by Spacecraft Elements Suviving an Atmospheric Re- Entry
Combes, Hélène ; Laurent, Elisabeth ; Durin, Christian ; Cazaux, Christian Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, (FRANCE)

Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Role in Designing for Safety and Affordability
Fayssal, Safie ; Richard, Stutts NASA, (UNITED STATES)


Session 38 Space debris and space debris removal - Part V

* The Cost of Future Collisions in LEO
Levin, E.M. 1; Carroll, J.A. 2 1STAR, Inc., (UNITED STATES); 2Tether Applications, Inc., (UNITED STATES)

Passivation Techniques for future Spacecrafts to comply with French Space Operations Act
Bonnet , François ; Cazaux, Christian ; Dejoie , Joël ; Gibek , Isabelle ; Pelletier , Nicolas ; Rapp , Etienne CNES, (FRANCE)

Legal and Regulatory Challenges of Active Debris Removal and On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Activities
Nyampong, Y.O.M. McGill University, (CANADA)

Telecom 2 End of Life Operations - Moving Stakes, Solutions and Reality
Varinois, Arnaud CNES, (FRANCE)

Session 40 Panel session Commercial Human Spaceflight 

6th IAASS Commercial Spaceflight Panel Charts - session 40_21May2013

Plenary Sessions




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