Presenter information

Presenter information
Presentation guidelines

Each presenter is allocated a slot of 20 minutes for the presentation. If you want to
allow questions but no discussion time is planned for the session in accordance
with the conference program, then you may allocate for questions about 5 minutes
out of your 20 minutes slot.

The rooms will be equipped with a PC P4 laptop, equipped with CD/DVD player
and USB-port.

Presentations can be brought either on CD or USB Pen Drive/Memory Stick, and
delivered 30 minutes before the start of the morning sessions and 30 minutes before
the start of the afternoon sessions to the Session Secretary.

Presentation from the presenter's laptop is possible, but should be announced to the
Session Secretary, so that he can request technician intervention in due time.

The Conference Bureau will remove all presentations from the PC's after the
conference, and store them on CD.