Programme Committee


A Programme Committee composed of leading experts in space safety and related fields from world’s major space agencies, government organisations, industry, academy and institutes are responsible for organising the event and selecting the papers to be presented.

Chair:T. Sgobba – - IAASS Members:F. Alby (FR)J. Jeevarajan (US)J. Pelton (US)
Co-Chairs:F. D. Gregory -– ISSF  W. Ailor (US)B. Kanki (US)J. Pearson (US)
T.W. Wilcutt -– NASAF. Allahdadi (US)P. Kirkpatrick (US)A. Quinn (GB)
W. Veith -– ESAM. Azeev (RU)G. Kminek (AT)L. Ren (CN)
N. Takeuchi -– JAXAS. Bakhtiyarov (US)B. Lazare (FR)N. Ridzuan (MY)
I. Rongier - CNESV. Bothmer (DE)C. Leveau (FR)G. Ruff (US)
Deputy ChairC. Felix - IAASSC. Botts (US)W. Lyles (US)K-U. Schrogl (F)
V. Chang (CA)T. Masson-Zwaan (NL)S. Simpson (US)
M. Ciancone (US)E. Mooij (NL)J-P. Trinchero (FR)
P. Dempsey (CA)M. Matney (US)M. Trujillo (ES)
D. Finkleman (US)D. Mikula (US)D. Urban (US)
J. Frost (US)C. Moura (BR)Ph. Wallace (US)
G. Gafka (US)A. Menzel (DE)P. Wide (US)
A. Herd (GB)R. Nasca (NL)S. Wilson (AU)
A. Hilgers (NL)G. Ortega (ES)
R. Jakhu (CA)T. Pfitzer (US)